Who is Robert Gray?

Robert Gray was an author and leading nutrition counsellor, the Director of the Food for Health Institute, and a professional member of the American Association of Nutritional Consultants and the American Herb Association. The success of his contributions to the fields of nutrition counselling and herbology earned him recognition and popularity as a healer who helped many achieve improved health through the proper use of food and herbs. He is the author of the ground-breaking The Colon Health Handbook, and his specially formulated, all-natural intestinal cleansing products are sold under the Holistic Horizons brand, available exclusively in Canada from Earth Notions.

The Robert Gray Intestinal Cleansing Program

Robert Gray found that despite the benefits traditional intestinal cleansing programs had to offer, they did not address the problem of lactobacteria depletion (the good gut flora.) He also learned that because of the time and effort required, few people would persist at such programs long enough to completely cleanse their intestinal tract to fully realize the benefits. He set out to change all that. After nine years of research and development, Robert Gray formulated what is now considered the best natural colon cleansing program around, and it became a giant step forward in the long history of intestinal cleansing.

Program Advantages

The Robert Gray Intestinal Cleansing Program gently cleanses the colon (including the stomach, and the entire intestinal tract) while simultaneously promoting the growth of the gut's health-enhancing lactobacteria at a faster pace than the intestinal cleansing process removes them. It also:

Three Easy Steps

There are three steps to the program that are incorporated into your daily routine over a 3 month time period (many users tailor their own schedule based on previous cleansing experiences):

Step One:  Intestinal Bulking Agent which is a powder that is mixed with water, taken to absorb and lubricate the loosened mucoid material and sweep it from the intestinal tract while promoting growth of lactobacteria. (three products to choose from)

Step Two:  Intestinal Cleansing Formula Tablets which is a tablet taken to soften and loosen the hardened mucoid plaque lining the intestines.

Step Three:  A full-body skin-brushing, a few minutes a day to stimulate the cleansing of the lymphatic system.

The Holistic Horizons brand Intestinal Cleansing Formula and Bulking Agents are the only products marketed that use the special formulations developed and approved by Robert Gray. As for the skin brush, you may already have one. If not, this premium quality tampico skin brush is recommended. All three products work in harmony to achieve the optimal cleansing effect.